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Emerging Technology

Platform Strategy

Sourcing Assistance

Vendor Management

Product Development

Project Management

Technology Investment Analysis - Hardware, Software, Bandwidth, and Services

Money saved is as good as money earned.  By applying our decades of experience in vendor management and sourcing strategy to your business, we can significantly reduce your technology related expenses.  We can also cut double-digit percentages from your technology budget by giving you inexpensive infrastructure alternatives by leveraging commodity computing trends and "Open Source" software components (Linux, Apache, MySQL, etc.).

Project / Program Management Services -
Communication and Accountability

While formal procedures and methodology are important, they are only a small part of an effective project management approach.  Establishing lines of communication and the authority to identify and manage critical junctures within a project are key to a timely and successful delivery of the project's goals.  Our experience in managing large-scale technology projects can make sure you meet your deadlines and keep to your budgets.

Product and Platform Strategy -
The Intersection of Business and Technology

Translating business requirements in to effective and actionable information for technologists can be daunting task.  We bridge the gap between these groups by speaking both languages, allowing business need at hand to be addressed in less time and in a more accurate fashion.  Whether you are evaluating a new technology or building a product from scratch, we can accelerate the process by spanning the divide that typically exists between Technology and the numerous business focused groups.

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