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At AdviseTek Consulting, we believe that technology and all of the challenges related to it must be approached in a business-focused and business-driven manner.  To us this means framing all technology solutions in a way that is clearly in alignment with the stated goals of the business, while being supported in fact by metrics and well-communicated requirements.  Unfortunately, many technology departments are driven by metrics and requirements that are somewhat arbitrary and not clearly linked to business objectives such as customer satisfaction, revenue, or profitability.  Our goal is make technology departments and managers more aware of the link between their responsibilities and the broader needs of the company.

AdviseTek was founded in March of 2004 by technology veteran Darren Clark.  Most recently, Darren was the Senior Director of Production Operations for paid search leader Overture Services, which was acquired by Yahoo! during the second half of 2003. Darren was key in the development and implementation of an open source infrastructure strategy that dramatically reduced the cost associated with scaling the infrastructure. Prior to joining Overture, Darren worked as a consulting manager in the information technology industry and was Director of Technical Operations at the Idealab! start-up  During his consulting career he worked with numerous start-ups and several Fortune 500 companies.

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